People Staff


Marion J. Cox - Co-founder/Executive Director - My job, as I see it, is to find individuals who are not only qualified in their professions, but believe in our mission and provide everything possible so that we have a fun, safe and productive environment. It is the mission, the clients, the horses and each other!

Pam Richardson - Co-founder/Managing Director - I’m a city girl. Ok, a suburb girl. Grew up in middle-class and did all the suburb things. I’d been on a horse a few times in my life, but couldn't honestly say I had ever ridden. I had been led, or sat behind someone who could ride. That’s as close as I got. When I learned a bit about therapeutic riding, I visited a center to see for myself. I was overwhelmed with the joy I saw on the rider’s faces. They may not have been able to verbally express what they were feeling, but you could see it oozing out of them. So I joined forces with Marion to found Shadow Ranch. I thought it was an excellent way to give back some of my privileged life to others.  One day, I was side-walking for a very young boy who was having a hippotherapy class. The tiny boy had to be held onto at all times, was non-verbal and I couldn't see that joy on his face that I had seen before. I assumed the ride was for his physical benefit, not that he was actually experiencing the ride. He made whining sounds which to me told of discomfort. The instructor worked through the verbalization and asked if he wanted to continue. More sounds, couldn't understand what he wanted. The instructor then told him that if he wanted to continue to touch her hand. He touched her hand. My heart was immediately in my throat, tears threatening to fall. He was in there! He was present! That moment will stay with me for the rest of my life and I’m so grateful that God allowed me to see what all we can do here….even help with such little things as a simple touch of the hand.

The Instructors and Trainers


Jim Cheatwood - I started volunteering at Runnin WJ in Texarkana during the Fall of 2005. Enjoyed it so much that I got my instructor certification. Taught there for 3 years. Took a break, then after realizing I missed it, found a position at Shadow Ranch. It's a long drive, but worth it.

Brooke Haywood became a part of the Shadow Ranch family in March 2015. Brooke has been working with and around horses most of her life. She has fallen in love with Shadow Ranch, our horses, and the work. She has been an awesome addition to the family!
She is now an Instructor-in-training. Pic is of Brook, Scooter and one of the PACE boys.


Todd Pitt came on board in Jan 2016 as a Ranch hand. The pic is of him and his baby saying Hi to Star. No she is not one of our clients!

He knew nothing about therapeutic riding and very little about horses, so he is learning as he goes and being a sponge!

Welcome aboard, Todd!