Equine Staff

The following are our equine staff. Some of them are actually owned by someone else and contracted to Shadow Ranch for use as a therapy horse. There are no words to express the gratitude we have for these horses and the owners who have contracted them to us as well as fully donated horses and their original owners.

Hi! My name is Ace!
I used to be a bucking bronc. When I came to Shadow Ranch 3 years ago (2010), everyone said I couldn't do this job, but my new Momma said they were wrong and SHE was right! I am a superstar! I work with riders and non-riders equally and LOVE my job. When I am not working, you can often catch me running around playing in the pasture with my buddy, Star.  My color is true black. That means that except for the scars on my withers, I am black all over.  I am 14.3 hands tall and at 13 years old am in the prime of my life.

Hello! My name is Bullet.
I came to Shadow Ranch in 2011 when my Daddy went off to war. My new Mom promised to not only take care of me, but to love me and train me. My friends here did such a good job at it that once he got home, Daddy decided the best thing he could do for me was leave me here with my friends. I miss my Daddy and only get to see him on his days off of work, but I love it here and they love me.  I am a gray paint. As I age, my color will lighten to the point that I will end up looking almost like Casper.  I am 15 hands tall and at 8 years old, I'm not really a teenager anymore, but I ain't a grownup either.

Hallo! I am Cowboy!
I am a Haflinger. I am short, but powerful. I came to Shadow Ranch by way of Equest - a therapy center in DFW. My only rider there was Miss Jan. She bought me and brought me here where she rides me twice a week. I came here a bit on the fat side, but my friends here have helped turn that fat into muscle. I really love the little people and since I am little it helps assuage some of their fears. A lot of first time riders start with me and then move up to the bigger horses.  I am 13 hands tall and 10 years old.

Howdy! I'm Flame. I was a champion barrel racer. I got hurt and then my Mom fell on hard times and couldn't take care of us (me and Empress). She decided the best thing to do was see if I could get a new job at Shadow Ranch. It...is...the...bomb!!! I love it here and they love me. Since I am calm and have a smooth ride I get to work with little people! Oh and did you notice that I am a handsome lad? I am over 16 hands tall and 19 (2010) years old. No, I am not old! We are just a young herd.

Woohoo! I'm Scootie Klue!  Some dear friends rescued me back in January and started the process of helping me back to health. They brought me here about a month ago (May 2013) and look! I'm starting to get muscles back.  I'm taller than Cowboy, but not much (13.3 hands). I am 18 years old and am an Appaloosa like Star, just not the same color and not near as big. I am already working on the counselling side and my friends here think I will be ready for the ride side by the Winter session.

Moonlight (barn name Casper)

Hi, I'm Casper. I've been a part of Shadow Ranch since day one (2010). I have been in some ride classes, but I mostly work on the counseling side. In this pic, I'm as clean as I ever get (they haven't let me roll after my bath). Some people call me a Cremelo, others say I'm a true white. Bottom line, I have no pigment on me anywhere except the baby blue of my eyes. The little girls LOVE me!!!

I am about 15 hands and at 10 years old, I am in the prime of my life!

Starlight (barn name Star)

Hi, I'm Star. A wonderful little girl and her Mother rescued me and brought me to Shadow Ranch. When I first came here in 2010, I was skinny, had an umbilical hernia and was a little over 13 hands tall.
My new Mom took care of my umbilical hernia then started feeding me all that I would eat. I started playing and learning and GROWING. I am now the tallest horse on property...over 17 hands. Who'd a thunk it?

I love, love, LOVE little people!

I'm Doc. In 2014, I came to Shadow Ranch with my buddy Tex. Like Cowboy, I am a Haflinger. We didn't have names before our friends brought us home. Our vet found us at a horse sale and knew that Mom was looking for another haflinger. Mom and Mr. Jim came up to check us out. We did everything they asked. Next thing you know we had a new home.
They named me Doc in honor of our vet for finding us.

I'm Tex. I came to Shadow Ranch with Doc from a horse sale. When we got here we were very scared. But now we know we will never be hurt again and have grown to love all our people.
They named me Tex in honor of the folks that donated their time and equipment to drive up to Paris to pick us up.

Former Horses

The following are former horses that were staff here.
We honor the work they did, as well as the the empathy and love they shared with all of us:

Bronson was one of our original herd in 2010. He was a 27 year old Egyptian Arab and around 15 hands tall. As an old man, he knew all the tricks to get out of doing some things, but when a little person came to him, he turned into pudding and would do ANYTHING you asked. 
He was the first horse to help us help the first young man relearn how to walk at Shadow Ranch. To say we are thankful for his service would be a huge understatement.

When his contract was up in 2011, he went home to his owner to retire. He is missed.

Good day to you. I am THE Empress. I am one of Shadow Ranch's original herd. I was herd boss and was the only mare. I tried really hard to act like royalty, but the crazy people at Shadow Ranch could turn me into jello with a touch of their hands. I have been known to handle the most delicate of the ranch's clients.My Mom and me made such a good team that if she asked me to take one slow step with her, I would take one slow step. If she needed me just to shift my weight, I just shift my weight.  I am a buckskin and a little over 15 hands tall.

Empress was here for 4 years. When her contract was up in 2014, her owner took her home. We are beyond thankful for her service. She is missed.


  1. I live down the road from you and I love to watch the beautiful horses as I drive by every day. My favorite time though is when Star is out in the pasture by the road and I can adore him from close up. I too have horses, one appaloosa mare and one bay quarter horse, I love to ride. I really think what you are doing at Shadow Ranch is wonderful. I do not personally know anyone who has ever gone there, but being a horse lover myself, I know that you are helping people. Keep up the good work!!

  2. In 1997 we began the Therapeutic Equestrian Activity Center in East San Diego County. Much like you started we began on a "wing and a prayer". We grew over the years to help over 300 special needs children learn and benefit from therapeutic equestrian horsemanship. Several years ago we lost our founder
    (Miss Cleo) and head instructor listed at PATH Intl. T.E.A.C.H. (synonym for our long name) would like to be a silent supporter and contribute funds to help maintain and expand your program(s) if needed. If you can use our small financial support please let us know. All of you are in our prayers.
    [in memory of Miss Cleo]. cleow@cox.net

    1. If needed? Any financial support is GREATLY appreciated!
      Shadow Ranch is 7 years old now and considering the fact that we are in a rural area, we still operate on a "wing and a prayer". To say we are frugal and watch every penny would be an understatement. We grow step by step each year. Usually how big those steps are is determined specifically by our budget.
      We would be honored to except help in memory of Miss Cloe.
      Feel free to contact me via our email (shadowranch@tx.rr.com) or by calling my cell (214-604-8005). If I do not answer, I may be in class so please leave a message.
      Thank you for considering us!