Monday, September 1, 2014

Wow, what a year so far!

It has been a very busy and absolutely amazing year so far. I have been remiss in keeping our blog up-to-date and for that I apologize and promise to try to do better!

Let's see if I can catch you up!
  • Winter, Spring and Summer classes went off without a hitch slowly gaining more clients as we go. As always, we saw first steps, heard first words and shared tears of joy with the help of our four-legged friends!
While classes were going on, this was also happening!
  • Ms. Jan agreed to join our Board of Directors and has become a huge advocate making a real difference. (Thank you, Ms Jan, we love you!)
  • In March we officially finished raising the 2nd half of our down-payment and became property owners!!!
  • As posted earlier, Empress went back to her owner, but with help from some neighbors and our Vet, we got 2 new Haflingers - Tex & Doc. 
  • In April, a movie was shot out here.  Ashley from the newspaper did a great write up about it for the local paper. Talk about exciting! More about that coming in the next post.
  • In May we hosted an EAGALA Ethics clinic with counselors from all over our service area.
  • We lost Kyle (he found a better paying job) and Tiffany came on board to take his place. She has some really big shoes to fill!
  • We had to shut down classes for a week because of a really bad storm. Didn't do any real property damage, but all 9 horses got hit by hail and they needed time to heal.
  • Our fiscal year ended in July with a very successful SHOT Show and Competition.
  • Then came August with: a) Hay being cut, baled and put up for the winter (673 bales, wow!), b) the first movie premiere (OMG it is awesome!), and Southwest Wrestling Entertainment partnering with us to raise funds. All the while working on summer projects like: constant horse training and getting the new boys ready for classes, keeping up with the mowing and upgrading the driveway. Please remember that with the exception of help from an occasional community service personnel and a couple of volunteers, we do it all ourselves. Volunteers? Anyone over 14 years old? Please?
  • Pam and I took a 4 day vacation. First one in 6 years and it was fabulous. Thank you Jessica and Becky for the trip to Lake Hamilton!
  • August ended with the movie premiering here in Sulphur Springs. Thank you to Shannon Oaks Church for hosting it and all the folks that came out to see it!
There, I think we're pretty much caught up on a high level. I'll post some more pics in the picture tab within the next few days.



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