Thursday, August 29, 2013

Field Trip to Windridge

(left to right) Marion, Me (Felecia), Jim, Tyle, and Kyle

As an all-new yearly tradition at Shadow Ranch, we took a field trip to another therapeutic riding center.
     In order to be more effective instructors and better educators, we are always striving to grow and advance in our knowledge on horses, students, and the industry as a whole. Seeing how other centers operate allows us to make better decisions as we grow and instruct.

     I could just tell you all about the tour....but I'd rather show y'all!
An illustration of the fabulous sensory trail, we are considering adding one where the hot-walker was.

Learning about the Hippotherapy room.

In the lounge.

Kyle and Felecia in the small Library of Windridge. (Can you tell I'm a note-taker?)

The classroom!

The tin ceilings help cut down on echoes.

Signs and labels abound at this facility, and we love it!

These bottles of sand are on pulleys and strings to help riders learn how to be gentle with the reigns. This is my favorite thing of the whole visit!

Another idea maybe? (I put this idea on Shadow Ranch's Pinterest page ages ago....silly people!)

Jim and Dawn in the research room.

Lunch Time!

Cheryl and Marion....waiting for food.

Felecia and Tyle after eating.

In closing this blog post, I'd like to personally thank Dawn for conducting our tour of this wonderfully organized and beautiful center. -Felecia

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