Wednesday, August 7, 2013

LSTEN/PATH Region 8 Conference

So, everyone but Pam and Kyle went to the LSTEN/PATH Region 8 conference this weekend. We each learned a lot. For those of you who do not know, PATH is the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship and LSTEN is the Lone Star Therapeutic Equestrian Network. PATH Region 8 covers TX, OK, AR, LA, Mexico and South America. Texas, however is so big and has so many therapy centers that we have own network too. LSTEN's main purpose is to supply educational opportunities to centers that do not have the ability to attend the PATH national conference.

Here's what stuck out the most in everyone's mind:

Felecia: learned about volunteers, how to keep them happy so that they stay awhile. Different things that I can utilize in lessons, an some more stuff I can do with social media.

Jim: Lady Vet was awesome! Toxic plants: wilted red maple leaves, persimmon seeds (We gotta watch Empress, she loves those things). Vet from OSU was awesome teaching about wound care.

Tyle: The disability video (f. a. t.  city video) putting in perspective how the mind of  a child with learning disabilities works and their processing patterns. I really like the theraplate in the round robin class, too.

Cheryl: Really enjoyed the CSI for horses with the vet (all those toxins) and loved listening to the saddle-fitting class. Was fun to watch the 3 stages in the alternative therapies for the horses.

Me:  All the above plus: I learned more about fundraising. Got my CPR re-certification. Learned how truly dangerous blister beetles are for horses and what attracts them (grasshopper eggs - eewwww).

Pam on the other hand had a challenging weekend and told us that we can NEVER leave for 4 days in a row again. We love you, Pam. Thanks for being here so we could get most if not all of our CEU's for the year done in one shot.


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  1. Once a year, folks....that's all you get. :)